My name is Kirill, as far as I and you might know it. If you pronounce it out loud (or read it in your mind) you might realize it sounds similar to krill (a tiny shrimp-like fish). Knowing how often people mispronounce my name, I came up with an easy to remember method.

If I was a rapper, I would call myself “K-Real”. The pronunciation of “K-Real” resembles closely to how my name actually sounds. Then something hit me – it would be a cool nickname to go by. It represents my name and seems to be down to earth, so I followed it through to this blog.

Why am I writing about games? The answer is simple – I love playing them. How do I want to stand out from the other millions of websites around the internet? The answer is not so simple – I am still searching for my style and my niche.

I am mainly inspired by the format of gaming magazines, like Edge and PC Gamer. It was something from my childhood that attracted me to such format. Yet, I will also continue experimenting and perhaps focus on the more humorous side of reviewing, rather than down to the book of reviewing games.

Meanwhile, expect weekly reviews on various games that I believe deserve some attention. Full of screenshots, descriptions and honest thoughts.