Battle Brothers – Living wage to wage.

A turn-based strategy RPG with the open-world like exploration. You are the leader of a mercenary company set it dark fantasy world, who is responsible for providing food and money, down to good equipment to your men. Your decisions decide if your men blindly charge to attack enemies to their doom or methodically select battles, so your crew gains more experience. The world of the game is dangerous, littered with orcs, goblins, undead and bandits that roam the realm, which will always keep you in danger.

A Typical Day of the Mercenary’s Life

The task seemed simple – rid of brigands that terrorize the trading route. However, little was it known that this exact brigand group was led by non-other than Joost Crowntaker. Him and his five thugs were well equipped, far better than our band has expected. Yet the greed for gold inspires us to fight him.

Joost The Crowntaker.png
In the end, only three of my boys survived the fight with Joost Crowntaker’s gang.

Thus, the ill-equipped mercenaries consisting of the monk, two farmers, two companions and one wild-man take on the challenge to fight off Joost Crowntaker’s thugs. By luck of RNG gods, bunch of swinging woodcutter axes and sharpen sticks get the better of his gang. Soon I turn around to realize that we have lost two farmers that valiantly poked their pitchforks at the wrong doers

Excited, you carry Crowntaker’s head to your employer, only to be ambushed by head-hunters that demand to give out his head to them. You face the choice – let the remaining of your injured men fight or give up the head. My greed got best of me and my men fought despite the odds. We lost our monk, who was the most fearless of us all.

Our contract started with six strong men and ended with three injured greedy mischief’s. Yet, this was just one contract among the thousands…

Start Small, Dream Big

Mercenaries life after all, is not for feint of hearts and its adventurous nature draws folks from various corners of life. From farmers to herald knights, to witch-hunter to cultists… many would risk their life for the good pay in gold. Surely your small crew won’t afford services of battle-hardened kights or sword masters from the get-go, so you opt for cheaper alternatives.

A city.png
Stronghold are most populated and expensive areas. You will often find a roster of solid men and various shops to visit.

Cheap men offer little in skill, but if they are lucky enough to survive and gather experience, they can become a formidable force. Yet, men with military or fighting background would end up far better throughout their professional growth as mercenaries. A crippled man for example will have a hard time to become an armored juggernaut compared to a valiant knight.

Battle Brothers Screenshot 2019.02.14 -
At the start your equipment is dirt cheap and unreliable. One of my men died because his thick puffy jacket  wasn’t able to withstand a slash from a sword.

No matter who your men are, without a good set of armor and a trusty weapon, they would be annihilated with more advanced enemies – such as orc warriors, goblin shamans, undead legionnaires or royal army.

As you progress through the game and your renown grows across the realm, you will gain riskier missions for heavier pay.

If your men are not high leveled by the time, then most likely a good chunk of them will die during the contract. Yet, sometimes the pay is worth a few deaths.

Late Game is for the Big Boys

Battle Brothers offers four options of what will happen in the late game – green-skin invasion, undead invasion, conflict between houses or random.

To spice up my game, I always select random as I don’t like to be spoiled of what happens towards the end. Yet that puts me in a disadvantage; I cannot organize my party best suited for each scenario.

In green-skin invasion, you would want solid archers and strong front-line. Orcs are heavy hitters and you don’t want one of them smacking you in the head. Goblins on the other side, are squishy sly creatures who will use poisons and nets to kill few of your people. You preferably get rid of them before they manage to approach your front line.

Battle Brothers Screenshot 2019.02.14 -
The only issue with these goblins is that I have one guy with arbalet who can barely aim.

For the undead invasion, you would like to have many men with maces and heavy axes, with high resolve. Undead do not feel fear and won’t hesitate to raise up from being dead-dead again, unless you chop off or smash their head to pieces.

Battle Brothers Screenshot 2019.02.15 -
You know what I did after seeing this many undead? I ran away. No, I am not ashamed to admit it.

Finally the conflict between houses significantly changes your game, as cities and villages that once merrily greeted you can suddenly turn against you. You will be fighting against top-notch men who are well equipped. Unfortunately, I cannot give any tips here as I haven’t faced this scenario.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is worth every penny if you love dark fantasy worlds and turn-base strategy games with role-playing elements to it. Battle Brothers is one of rare games where you crave to earn more gold and loot, only to see what will happen further. It’s unforgiving world where a turn in a battle can change everything.

That is why I played this gave for over 75 hours and continue to do so. It’s hardcore nature and unforgiving world, makes me only want to replay it again, to see if I am fortunate enough to survive to a hundrenth day.

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