Testing Grounds 2

Ayy, what is up my fellow viewers, whoever might be bothered to read and watch through this 2nd testing ground! I appreciate your time and value your opinion. Regardless I am surprised you are looking at this amateur blog (which is at this point not really a blog).

Today I will be testing for more things, writing some nonsense about gaming related and place few images.

Battlefield V – Spawn, shoot, die, repeat.

Battlefield V, Start Round - Support
You never know exactly where you will spawn. I appeared in midst of the ruins to follow the command to hold the strategic points.

Playing throughout Battlefield franchises, I get the feeling of being a real soldier with a strong belief of rebirth or reincarnation.

You venture out in the field, where you are catch an enemy soldier through your scope who is looking in a different direction from where you are. Pull the trigger – they are dead. Easy. However, soon you realize that a switcharoo happens and now you are in the same position as the enemy you just shot. Boom. You’re dead… life fades out as your vision darkens. You see enemy legs trampling over your broken body.

“I get the feeling of being a real soldier with a strong belief of rebirth or reincarnation.”

Instantly your soul is carried to the view the live map of the battlefield. The next thing you know, is that you skip nearly 20 years or so of your life to appear anew. You are suddenly a medic with tiny SMG in your hands, but with previous knowledge of your deceased body. Then you continue the same cycle again.

As ones, somebody wise has said… war… war never changes.

So does the cycle of spawning, shooting and dying in Battlefield games.




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