Testing Grounds

Hello everyone, I am trying out this new blogging way to review games and such. But before I begin, I need to experiment and play with the wordpress to learn how to properly use it.

Before match
Starting a game of Overwatch can be exciting and scary

In this upper photo you can see that I am playing Lucio. Yet, I do not play him often in the ranked ladder as to me he is not an exciting character to play with.

His speed and health boosts provide critical mobillity to your team, that can turn tides between two teams. With Lucio, your team can get to the point faster, passivly heal small damages and dodge easier.

Subject Change

Changing the subject, let’s jump right to Subnautica – another game I enjoyed last month. With a new content coming out soon, I am planning on finishing this survival game as soon as I got available time to do it.

My first discovery of lava chamber in Subnautica. I barelly planned my way out.

Interesting that I wasn’t able to move quickly in my new transport. Most creatures try to kill you there and once you are ought of the machine, you don’t have that much time to find a source of oxygen. In 1.4 km depth, finding breathable air is nearly impossible.

Thus, having a solid plan is essential when going deep in Subnautica. Always have a back-up plan. Keep cell-batteries, water, food and ancient alien technology at hand when exploring depths of the unknown planet.

Another Subject Change

Nier: Automata – an amazing, thoughtful and depressing game. Multiple people might play this game for various reasons – flashy combat, cute anime women or for the plot. 

A2 is really mean to the bot. However, she needs his help.
Awoken after her blackout in the desert, android A2 needs to replace body parts that have been damaged by the sand.

After finishing the game, I was left with feeling of loneliness for the characters and the whole world of Nier:Automata.  Never have I experienced such emotional attachment to the character and investing my time to study them.

A world occupied by machines who chase human values. Yet, with no human is left alive to teach them these values, they can be taking to the severe limits.

It is scary to think, that androids are chasing a ghost ideals of humans. They do not form their own values, culture or traditions. They follow dim fragments of human emotions which they yet barely understand. Love, hate, fear, joy, it’s all wildly new to them.

But, we as the players are left with this uneasy question… if robots can replicate emotions and claim that they can feel them, then do they actually feel emotions as we do?